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What We Do

Bay City News is a lifeline for Bay Area residents, businesses and government agencies in need of information about where people live, work and play. As the region's only general-interest wire service, Bay City News plays a vital role in keeping communities informed, whether it be through breaking news reports, up-to-date disaster information, in-depth public event coverage, or updates on local criminal and appellate court cases.

Bay City News journalists report on the news that matters to the 8 million Bay Area residents and businesses. Proudly independent and under new local ownership, Bay City News provides real-time reports directly to media organizations, news websites, public affairs firms and government agencies throughout the region. We also cover the big topics of the day, including housing, transportation, immigration and the environment.

Bay City News offers a variety of product packages to best fit your needs.

General News

A vital source of information to news agencies and businesses looking for complete local coverage, the General News package delivers Bay City News reports around the clock, including stories on breaking events, court and police activities, fire emergencies, government decisions, local politics and environmental news.

COVID-19 Information Hub

Bay City News Service distributes daily updates about the novel coronavirus pandemic, including cases, public health measures and other related news. We rely on a network of reporters and editors throughout the Bay Area to research, confirm and deliver verified information to our subscribers so you can relay this news with confidence to your audiences. You can find these stories with the header "COVID" in the general news feed and also in a special category, "COVID-19 Information Hub." We also collaborate with nonprofit partners who are collecting and analyzing data around this public health crisis and publish a variety of local content on our affiliated nonprofit site,

For questions, please call Katherine Rowlands at (510) 251-8100.

Legal News

No one covers the legal community in the Bay Area more thoroughly than Bay City News. Subscribers of the Legal News service get up-to-date information on lawsuits, indictments, hearings, injunctions, trials, jury verdicts and appellate court rulings. Our Legal Feed also provides access to court calendars, which list major scheduled court and government events.


An essential tool for anyone interested in public affairs, politics and government, the Datebook calendar is a continually updated list of daily news events scheduled in the nine-county Bay Area. Used by government, media and business subscribers alike, Datebook provides detailed information on press conferences, visiting dignitaries, public conferences, government meetings and court appearances. Listings come in three parts and are double-checked for accuracy:

  1. Looking Ahead, providing a detailed look at news conferences, public appearances and media events scheduled for the coming week.
  2. Daily Datebook, posted each afternoon, providing a more detailed look at confirmed events for the next day.
  3. Segment II, issued just past midnight and including late-breaking events and court cases docketed for the next day.
  4. Datebook also issues advisories throughout the day to notify subscribers of events scheduled on the spur of the moment, including information on breaking news stories.

Entertainment Calendar

Bay City News is available on request to compile weekly entertainment calendars sorted by place or genre, such as museums, exhibits, outdoor events, dance, classical or popular music, stage, comedy or weekend highlights. Also available are professional stage and musical performance reviews and stories about interesting exhibits.

Nonprofit Partner News

Bay City News Service distributes local content from a few nonprofit news organizations such as, EdSource, Big Local News, San Jose Spotlight, CalMatters and others for use by subscribers. You can find these stories with the header "BCNPARTNER" in the general news feed and also in a special category, "Nonprofit Partner News."

For questions, please call Katherine Rowlands at (510) 251-8100.

Bay City News brings you the information you need in the way you want it.

How to Subscribe

You can get our wire reports via FTP, the BCN website or email. In addition, you will be able to access our protected Twitter feed for a convenient way to see headlines as stories are posted.

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Call (510) 251-8100 or email for more information.